Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet

This Morn' Omina - Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet

This is the first cycle

This release marks the first steps of This Morn' Omina towards a larger audience. Still heavily invested into the ritualistic aspect, but already on the way to the saccadic movement inducing style for which they are known.

In the heat of 1996 when morning finally came This Morn' Omina was born, the project title referring to that specific moment in time ("the morning of omens/portents").

Then the search for a new 'language' began ('armed' with nothing more than a MDplayers (used as a sampler!), tapedeck, bassguitar and effectpedals, lowgrade drumpads (noisey!), a gm module and a 4-track cassette recorder).

1996 saw the light of  3 tape recordings which attracted the attention  of magthea (hybryds) resulting into a compilation appearance (daft records) and then this first full cd-release 'Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet'.