Momentum of Singular Clarity

This Morn' Omina - Momentum of Singular Clarity

Original presstext:

The first time since 1996 no coffee machines were used - auditory or in any other way.
1 became 3 as well in the tmo-universe. 

Those who where there from the beginning know what it is all about, new travellers, welcome to discovery!.
This is after the abyss, after the inferno we have crossed, the momentum ("drehmoment") that has happened. 
The road "less-travelled by" which we have taken,... from here on it flows towards the ultimate goal of the nyan-trilogy.
The supreme level of all things inherent to the truth and nanofabric of our matter and our singular clarity.
The side-step we had to take. The side-step we took. If only to have a look on how the stairs wind further. 

(p = mv)

Classical Mechanics

The naked truth in a formula. 
The essence which is subject to personal belief despite its rationality.
Explicable to its bare essence, but not definite infite light .

Despite numerous adversities we persevered and give our Momentum of Singular Clarity