This Morn' Omina - Inferno

Original presstext:

In three long tracks with a total playing time of over 50 minutes you are being told a story of the darkest of dark thoughts. Oppressive atmospheres are scarcely being joined by rhythmic structures and vocals. though the vocals don't give you the whole story.

You are meant to form your own opinion on this subject.
This Morn' Omina merely gives you what you need to create that opinion.

And during the creation of your personal hell you ask yourself why it always has to be so dark, for it is a place where sinners are. you remember life as it was ... 'weren't there also sins that actually were quite enjoyable?' 'what if that guy ...' 'whatever happend to the girl next door?'

In 'Inferno' This Morn' Omina offers you a peek into the future.
And whether you'll get into heaven or hell, you'll always long for that which is out of reach.
In heaven there are no sinners and no sins.
So hell can't be that bad ...

At most it gets a bit warm, right?