Cyclops II

This Morn' Omina - Cyclops II

Original presstext:

"Cyclops II opens with the highly energetic side of This Morn' Omina.
Fierce percussion pounding its way through the vibrating atmosphere, thick with the threat of armageddon, building up to a climactic smasher. transparently produced for your listening pleasure : this h(a)unting track for dark dance nights when you feel like if there was evil breathing down your neck.

Things get more spread out on the second side. Pestilence is in the air... percussion sets in while flies buzz in the background. We move in bleak surroundings, and all gets more unreal, until a steady and repetitive rhythm makes its entrance, supported by deep humming synths. a discussion evolves to a well built up dynamic finale. a sample - i am reality - leaves you feeling as unreal as possible. 

Time to flip the vinyl and replay it."

a-side - Stitchface (Knife of Megiddo)
b-side - Mouthrot (Lord of The Flies)