Cyclops I

This Morn' Omina - Cyclops I

This was a first opportunity to work in a sort of thematically 'microcosm' as opposed to larger themes covered on other releases.

Or as ' said it:

"[...] reminding me of the relentless nature of "one eyed man" off 7 years of famine, side a of this  7" assaults the mind with a track entitled "shiftwind." its hyper-extensive rhythmic assaults and occult samples pummel a pathway for legions to follow. while the opposite side with the track called "seeker" engages the scent of the predatory instincts of a one-eyed beast that legends talk about."

Shiftwind is still a fixed track on our livesets and continues to be one of audience's favourites.

a-side - Shiftwind
b-side - Seeker.