7 Years of Famine

This Morn' Omina - 7 Years of Famine

This cd was originally released as a limited edition on live bait recording foundation in february 2002.

Original presstext:

Imagine someone stealing small bits from other genres - genres as diverse as tribal, ritual, techno and powerful rhythmic industrial. now, what if all this was added up and merged into one unique style? - Would this sound good? probably not, but strangely enough it works brilliantly for This Morn' Omina.

'7 Years of Famine' takes us into a highly visual aurora of darkness, aggression, pain, and contentment - all via lost and forgotten tribal styles of the past that are layered with present day hypnotic rhythms and dark atmospheres. each track is a part of the whole and perfectly aligned with the others. as to unfold a seven part journey into the realms of the unknown, occult mysteries, and worlds of lost egyptians gods/goddesses that have long since been forgotten. 

The atmosphere slowly evolves in concise compositions that build to overwhelming complexities - from the ambivalent and unmethodical tribal percussive work of "the burning hand" and "(the) fires within" to the seductive alien atmospheres and rhythms of "currents" and "monad". the key components of mika's stylings are the illustrious undertones and diversified forms of old mid-eastern and african rhythms that are meshed with eruptive techno and industrial elements.

This complex music leaves it’s mark on you and makes you want to hear more.