this morn' omina - the roots of saraswati front this morn' omina - the roots of saraswati detail


1 nadistuti sukta
2 the mongoose king
3 naoús
4 vadavigni (the all-consuming fire)
5 people of the serpent
6 1000 cuts (lingchi)
7 the nothing space
8 blood oath
9 nepenthe
10 (a) song of eloi’im

this morn' omina - the roots of saraswati LUXUS EDITION

Tracklist CD1

1 nadistuti sukta
2 the mongoose king
3 naoús
4 vadavigni (the all-consuming fire)
5 people of the serpent
6 1000 cuts (lingchi)
7 the nothing space
8 blood oath
9 nepenthe
10 (a) song of eloi’im

Tracklist CD2
1 uluru
2 (the) creatures of clay
3 maat
4 aswantura liber i
5 aswantura liber ii
6 aswantura liber iii
7 aswantura liber iv

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T-Shirt Male
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T-Shirt Female
This Morn' Omina - Kundalini Rising - DCD

Kundalini Rising  - standard double CD.

Disc 1
1. Ayahuasca (Lets Shift together)
2. Tir Na Nog
3. Hadji Hadja
4. Yugan (feat. Catastrophe Noise)
5. Garuda Vimana
6. (The) Waters Of Duat
7. Earthwalk
8. Maenad

Disc 2
1. God's Zoo (Original)
2. The Apotheosis Of Eckhart
3. Graveheart
4. Mohenjo daro
5. Kachina Blue (The Watcher)
6. Kachina Red (The End Of The World)
7. Shakti
8. Moksha

This Morn' Omina - L'unification des Forces Opposantes

A concept coming full circle after 10 or odd years, necessary side-steps included.

Everything this morn' omina ever was to be, is here now, with a clear view towards the future.
It all came together when kindred spirits met.
So here we are now.
With a new musical approach.
A new line-up.

New concepts and hence a new existence. 'nigunnums' were introduced next to a further exploring of the vocal aspect. New spiritual sources were tapped into and given their time to grow and flourish musically.
So welcome to an energetic auditory sensation with no spiritual limitations whatsoever.
Saccadic movements are included or perhaps mandatory in order to let the kundaline flow.

So we remain, on the chosen path, welcoming all travellers, new or old.

Original presstext:

With l'unification des forces opposantes (the unification of the opposing forces) This Morn' Omina present the third and final part of the nyan trilogy which involved a time spread of eight years at large..

On this 2cd-set t.m.o. broach the issue of renascence and infinity whereas the lyrics which are printed in the booklet are of high significance both for the artists and the listener.

The reincarnation topic is also intended to display the recent state of the project introduced with the new cast member Karolus Lerocq.

Musically, this album emblematizes a multitude of moods from anger and struggle to catharsis and redemption. hypnotizing tribal ambience exist in parallel with razor sharp syncopated rhythms - a haunting intermixture of industrial, body techno, ritual ambient and ethnic downbeats, successfully forged into one pounding, rushing, euphoric dance explosion. what commenced as pure instrumental tracks at the beginning of this trilogy transmuted into vocalized statements of faith and emotion. a chimerical completion of a great epic.

This Morn' Omina - Let No Man Decree Your Fate [ccf]

As always DCD releases by This Morn' Omina are accompanied by a 'single' or 'ep' release, if you will, holding a selection of tracks from the main album and in shortened form. 
They are not remixes!
They are pieces of music presenting the themes in a more time-effective format.

Hence we call it tongue-in-cheek: [ccf] which stands for 'compressed commercial format'.

Tracklist: Enuma Elish [ccf], (The) Rûach of (God) [ccf], Iboga [ccf], Allasone [ccf], Nigunnum [ccf]

This Morn' Omina - Momentum of Singular Clarity

Original presstext:

The first time since 1996 no coffee machines were used - auditory or in any other way.
1 became 3 as well in the tmo-universe. 

Those who where there from the beginning know what it is all about, new travellers, welcome to discovery!.
This is after the abyss, after the inferno we have crossed, the momentum ("drehmoment") that has happened. 
The road "less-travelled by" which we have taken,... from here on it flows towards the ultimate goal of the nyan-trilogy.
The supreme level of all things inherent to the truth and nanofabric of our matter and our singular clarity.
The side-step we had to take. The side-step we took. If only to have a look on how the stairs wind further. 

(p = mv)

Classical Mechanics

The naked truth in a formula. 
The essence which is subject to personal belief despite its rationality.
Explicable to its bare essence, but not definite infite light .

Despite numerous adversities we persevered and give our Momentum of Singular Clarity

This Morn' Omina - Inferno

Original presstext:

In three long tracks with a total playing time of over 50 minutes you are being told a story of the darkest of dark thoughts. Oppressive atmospheres are scarcely being joined by rhythmic structures and vocals. though the vocals don't give you the whole story.

You are meant to form your own opinion on this subject.
This Morn' Omina merely gives you what you need to create that opinion.

And during the creation of your personal hell you ask yourself why it always has to be so dark, for it is a place where sinners are. you remember life as it was ... 'weren't there also sins that actually were quite enjoyable?' 'what if that guy ...' 'whatever happend to the girl next door?'

In 'Inferno' This Morn' Omina offers you a peek into the future.
And whether you'll get into heaven or hell, you'll always long for that which is out of reach.
In heaven there are no sinners and no sins.
So hell can't be that bad ...

At most it gets a bit warm, right?

This Morn' Omina - Au Delà De Tous Les Degrés

As always DCD releases by This Morn' Omina are accompanied by a 'single' or 'ep' release, if you will, holding a selection of tracks from the main album and in shortened form. 
They are not remixes!
They are pieces of music presenting the themes in a more time-effective format.

Hence we call it tongue-in-cheek: [ccf] which stands for 'compressed commercial format'.

Tracklist: Tenet(s) of On [ccf], Ma/i/nomai [ccf], Doublelionrouti[ccf], Naasseni [ccf], (The) World Tree [ccf]

This Morn' Omina - Les Passages Jumeaux - le 25ième degré ~ le 33ième degré

Original presstext:

::all movement remains chaos::

Les Passages Jumeaux shows one of the possible ways to reach a state of mind and body where there are no more opposites. (the figure, 'Doublelionrouti' is a physical representation of this.) The premise is that every path has the same destination and so there cannot be any conflicts by/through/of existence.

This release is the result of the unification of opposites (or whatever is thought of as opposite at first sight - as "discussed" on Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge - it will become 'identical' after deeper insight has been achieved). 

Les Passages Jumeaux is about the unification of a glimpse for the unattentive and a deeper realm for the astute. Joining is the necessary step towards final trancendence. (which is perhaps shown by sal-ocin becoming a full-time member).

Carroll's 'not thinking' is a basic premise but so is its logical extention: 'not understanding'. Similar to the sensation of dizzyness caused by holding your breath longer than your physical entity allows.
Do not be misguided by the 'superficial' reference of the 'degrees' - as whatever it is classified as is irrelevant.

What the 'mirror' reflects is essentially the same even though our mind tricks us and tells us it is another image.

Let Les Passages Jumeaux engulf you like a wave - and lengthy discussions will soon prove to be futile and inapt - not because it is inherent to the concept of language - but mainly because the subliminal cannot be explained, it can only be used as a catalyst.

::go naked for a sign on the tin::

About the music it has been written that:

le 25ième degré (cd1): you will be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of the first two tracks but then you will be lead into a state of hypnosis, trance and ecstasy - and before you know it you will get trapped in the tribal beats and moody sequencer lines. lines that lead to the world tree and le 33ième degré. 

le 33ième degré (cd2): your senses will be overwhelmed by thronging rhythmic variations, atmospheric synth lines and voice samples. after the final track you have are two options: lower the temperature to 25 degrees and start over - or get up and enjoy the [ccf]-versions of five 'Les Passages Jumeaux' tracks on the additional cd-ep 'Au Delà de Tous Les Degrès'.

This Morn' Omina - Cyclops III

Original presstext:

This Morn' Omina close the Cyclops series and the nocturnus 7" series with this impressing masterpiece, elaborate in music and in layout/design.

Presented here is a work which is tribal yet electronic, rhythmic yet atmospheric, with its detailed sounds moving majestically through the sound spectrum.

This is the kind of music that makes your brain dance, a sonic interlacement from an intriguing other universe.

Comes in a limited embossed box with 22 page booklet containing occult texts and drawings by Bro. J.H.

a-side - The Four-Fold Existence
b-side - The Headless One.

This Morn' Omina - The Drake Equation [ecf]

Likethe [ccf], [ecf] tackles a subject in shortened form.
The difference being that and [ecf] is a release where each track deals with the same concept but did not go to the extent of making it a full album.

Hence [ecf] = 'extended commercial format'.

Original presstext:

The parameters of the equation are linked to the track indexes but they should not be considered as song-titles. they are related to the definitions of the equation but are not strict representations of them.

Several new elements have been added to the recording process; the most noticeable is the use of live percussion as the basis and the finishing of each track. Here sal-ocin (empusae) has been an integral and essential part of the recording and creational process.

Between the intro and the outro tracks, the direction is set: rhythmic powerplay, from slow percussion backings to hard-driving fast drum beats. both tribal and techno influences are - once more - beautifully combined and fused into one dense, entraining sound.

"in the silence of dead monitors, the hardcopy hums into trays, signal after signal from the chaos, the various voices are collected, and after the final signal, one can listen and wait for the encoded call of the void..."

This Morn' Omina - Nagash [ccf]
3" CD

The first time the [ccf]-concept was used and it proved to be welcomed hearthily.
Also includes the first collaboration with Empusae resulting in an exclusive 'versus'-track called 'Obeah'.

Tracklist: Epoch [ccf], (The) Ninth Key, (The) Immutable Sphere [ccf], Obeah

This Morn' Omina - Le Serpent Blanc - Le Serpent Rouge

Le Serpent Blanc describes the rising of the uraeus. unrelenting and agressive in some moments - equally deceiving, seducing and gentle in others.

Le Serpent Rouge is the musical impression of a french poem / riddle concerning itself with a strange zodiac. a zodiac where the ophiochus (the serpent) has an intricate yet previously unexplained role. This 13-legged system has been subject to numerous attempted explanations, all of which have failed.
We provide no explanation or any attempt towards one - but offer an impression of how the text revealed itself to us - sometimes at length, sometimes mere flashes of the imagination...sometimes focusing on the physical animal the text refers too, sometimes deviating from any tangible relation, as real truth will only reside within that 'early in the morning dream wake state' of the person beholding the zodiac. 

Original presstext:

'Le Serpent Blanc' concentrates t.m.o.'s combination of hard techno, 4-to-the-floor rhythms, tribal percussion and breaks overwhelmed by voice samples.
This music is powerful and aggressive, but not as nihilistic as many industrial soundwars. if you can't dance to it, you must be at least deaf, maybe blind, or at least a one-eyed man... 

Until you reached a point where more 'relaxation' is needed - time to change to 'Le Serpent Rouge'.

This cd focusses the ritual-influenced side of mika's musical personality.
This music is more quiet than 'Le Serpent Blanc' but never calm or soft.
Open up your mind and let it flow...

This Morn' Omina - Cyclops II

Original presstext:

"Cyclops II opens with the highly energetic side of This Morn' Omina.
Fierce percussion pounding its way through the vibrating atmosphere, thick with the threat of armageddon, building up to a climactic smasher. transparently produced for your listening pleasure : this h(a)unting track for dark dance nights when you feel like if there was evil breathing down your neck.

Things get more spread out on the second side. Pestilence is in the air... percussion sets in while flies buzz in the background. We move in bleak surroundings, and all gets more unreal, until a steady and repetitive rhythm makes its entrance, supported by deep humming synths. a discussion evolves to a well built up dynamic finale. a sample - i am reality - leaves you feeling as unreal as possible. 

Time to flip the vinyl and replay it."

a-side - Stitchface (Knife of Megiddo)
b-side - Mouthrot (Lord of The Flies)

This Morn' Omina - 7 Years of Famine

This cd was originally released as a limited edition on live bait recording foundation in february 2002.

Original presstext:

Imagine someone stealing small bits from other genres - genres as diverse as tribal, ritual, techno and powerful rhythmic industrial. now, what if all this was added up and merged into one unique style? - Would this sound good? probably not, but strangely enough it works brilliantly for This Morn' Omina.

'7 Years of Famine' takes us into a highly visual aurora of darkness, aggression, pain, and contentment - all via lost and forgotten tribal styles of the past that are layered with present day hypnotic rhythms and dark atmospheres. each track is a part of the whole and perfectly aligned with the others. as to unfold a seven part journey into the realms of the unknown, occult mysteries, and worlds of lost egyptians gods/goddesses that have long since been forgotten. 

The atmosphere slowly evolves in concise compositions that build to overwhelming complexities - from the ambivalent and unmethodical tribal percussive work of "the burning hand" and "(the) fires within" to the seductive alien atmospheres and rhythms of "currents" and "monad". the key components of mika's stylings are the illustrious undertones and diversified forms of old mid-eastern and african rhythms that are meshed with eruptive techno and industrial elements.

This complex music leaves it’s mark on you and makes you want to hear more.


This Morn' Omina - Cyclops I

This was a first opportunity to work in a sort of thematically 'microcosm' as opposed to larger themes covered on other releases.

Or as 'Nezzwerk.com said it:

"[...] reminding me of the relentless nature of "one eyed man" off 7 years of famine, side a of this  7" assaults the mind with a track entitled "shiftwind." its hyper-extensive rhythmic assaults and occult samples pummel a pathway for legions to follow. while the opposite side with the track called "seeker" engages the scent of the predatory instincts of a one-eyed beast that legends talk about."

Shiftwind is still a fixed track on our livesets and continues to be one of audience's favourites.

a-side - Shiftwind
b-side - Seeker.

This Morn' Omina - The Future Has Taken Root in The Present

This release made as a sort of 'mental break' from the first trilogy and as a return to the roots of musicmaking, hence titled the same as the first tape released in 1997 'the future has taken root in the present'.

A release which many still favour as tmo at its 'ambientbest' until this day.

this morn' omina - taiu

This is the Third and Final Cycle.

Final installment of the Hegira Trilogy.

From first recording session onwards the central theme was clear, i.e. 'hegira' also known as 'diaspora', an at first sight never ending search for a 'new land' and a 'new language'.

Heavily influenced at the time  by the writings of d. simmons, crowley and mythological/religious themes, the concept of a trilogy was embraced and culminated with 'Taiu'.

'Taiu' means '(new)land'.

This release marks the rhythmical side of this morn' omina.

A new land/language was found and set the pace of the future releases.

'Taiu' laid the basis for the later tmo-style.

This Morn' Omina - Em Sauf Haa Heru

This is the second cycle 

Perhaps the darkest rhythmical release sofar.
This album was created during a painstaking battle with the hardware used at the the time to make it.

Thematically delving deeper into what was explored on Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet without losing sight of the 'new musical language' This Morn' Omina was after.

This Morn' Omina - Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet

This is the first cycle

This release marks the first steps of This Morn' Omina towards a larger audience. Still heavily invested into the ritualistic aspect, but already on the way to the saccadic movement inducing style for which they are known.

In the heat of 1996 when morning finally came This Morn' Omina was born, the project title referring to that specific moment in time ("the morning of omens/portents").

Then the search for a new 'language' began ('armed' with nothing more than a MDplayers (used as a sampler!), tapedeck, bassguitar and effectpedals, lowgrade drumpads (noisey!), a gm module and a 4-track cassette recorder).

1996 saw the light of  3 tape recordings which attracted the attention  of magthea (hybryds) resulting into a compilation appearance (daft records) and then this first full cd-release 'Nezeru Enti Sebauem Neterxertet'.